Maintain Your Laptop’s Performance

7 Effective Ways to Maintain Your Laptop’s Performance

Owning a laptop comes with added responsibility. With proper care and maintenance, you can increase the lifecycle of your laptop. On the other hand, if you ignore these important factors such as cleaning regularly, your laptop will get damaged eventually. This is where you might have to contact a reliable & trustworthy service provider, like MacBook Repair Dubai.

Now, if you wish to avoid unnecessary repairing costs as well as prefer to run your laptop smoothly, then specific techniques can help. And, the most critical aspect is that these maintaining tips work for every brand and variant of laptops. 

Tips directly from the experts to Keep a Well Maintained Laptop

One of the most significant advantages of owning a laptop is that you can carry the laptop wherever you go. If you regularly clean and maintain your laptop, you will get the best performance as well as will get your expected speed. 

These are the 7 techniques that will surely assist you. However, if you live in Dubai, you are advised not to take any additional stress as experts associated with MacBook Repair Dubai can resolve minor to major glitches.

Now, let’s get to know these high-in-demand maintenance techniques in detail.


  • Deleted the Old Files


No matter whether you are using your laptop for work or just time pass, there’s always some old files present in your laptop that you don’t need anymore. Also, it can include old photos that you have downloaded from Facebook. 

Now, to delete an old file, simply select the file and after that right-click on it. However, when you delete a file from your computer or Mac device, you might assume that the file is permanently deleted from your computer. However, it’s not true. The file will be sent to the trash (for Mac devices). 

If you are a Windows user, the file will be sent to the Recycle bin. Hence, after deleting an old file what you have to do is to empty the Windows Recycle Bin and Mac’s Trash. Now, when a file is removed from your device, the OS will remove the file link as well as create some new spaces. 


  • Arrange the Programs


Nobody can deny that a messy laptop will look ugly. Hence, you are advised to rearrange the applications. If you are a Windows user, then at first, you have to right-click on the desktop wallpaper. 

Afterwards, tap on the Sort By option and then either select Data modified, Name, Size, or file type. You are advised to click on the Name option after selecting it, and the programs will be arranged in the alphabetical order.  

On the other hand, Mac users first right-click on the Home Screen and choose the Clean Up option from the context menu. After tapping on this, your Mac device will automatically detect the icons on the laptop.

However, in case you are unable to see the Clean-Up option, it means your Mac device has already configured the icons in some other way. Now, if you wish to check the configuration, tap on the Desktop option and choose View from the menu bar. Afterwards, hit on the Sort By option and check the method.


  • Clean the Cache Data


It’s the essential factor that you must use to well-maintain your laptop. While browsing, lots of cache data will be occupying within the browser files. Hence, you have to clean the browser cache data. 

As most of the users use Google Chrome Browser, therefore, here we have described how to clear the cookies and cache data of the Chrome browser. At first, open Google Chrome and then move to the upper right corner as well as tap on the three-dot symbol.

Furthermore, tap on the Settings option and move to the bottom of the page. In addition, hit the Advanced option in order to expand the menu. Under here, you need to scroll below and tap on the Clear Browsing Data option. After completion of the procedure, all the cookies and cache data will be deleted from the browser.


  • Upgrade the Software


This is one of the effective techniques that you should apply to run your device smoothly. Now, if you are a Windows user, then, go to the bottom left corner of the screen and tap on the Windows icon. And, choose Settings from the list of options.

Under Settings, find and tap on the “Update & Security” option. Under here, you will see the available updates. If an update is available, Windows will automatically download and install it to its best-recommended version.

Mac users first need to open the App Store. Go to the left sidebar and then hit the Update option. If any update is displayed on the screen, your Mac device can automatically install it.


  • Clean the Keyboard & Screen


Now it’s time that we should take a look at the hardware part as well. Neglecting cleaning of the hardware parts can lead to some severe damages. Even you will be unable to use your laptop. 

Hence, by using some safe laptop cleaning products, you can clean your laptop’s screen and keyboard. The best option for the screen can be pre-moistened screen wipes. These items contain a safe amount of moisture and can wipe the dust from the screen without damaging it.

Contact the MacBook Repair Dubai and get the best professional laptop servicing assistance. They assure that without any damage, you get a clean gadget, in the best possible way.


  • Organize Cords


If you use a long and confusing cable, then they tend to get mixed up. So, you are advised to take your time and organize the wire swapping from the power strip as well as computer ports. Apart from this, you are advised to inspect all the connecting cables regularly and if you find any faulty cable replace it with new ones.


  • Clean the Ports


Just like the laptop screen and keyboard, laptop ports can get dirty or clogged after years of use. Now, to clean these ports, you are advised to use the compressed air. Compressed air will clean the inside of the ports without touching it. Keep in mind, for safety, and you must leave some between the ports and the nozzle.

So, Start with the Tips…

Now that you are aware of the tips try to maintain your laptop and increase its lifecycle. It’s time to practice them. Also, if you face any problems while practising these tips, simply call the experts associated with MacBook repair Dubai. They have an impeccable team of professionals to help every MacBook user, irrespective of the model of laptop.