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7 Professional Tips to Keep Your MacBook Well-Maintained

If you are a Mac user, you might notice that after purchasing your Mac device will run smoothly and provide you with the best performance without any issues. However, being an electronic device with time, like all the other computers, Mac devices also tend to show abrupt problems such as sudden shutdown, slow response as well as other issues.

However, with proper care and maintenance, you enhance the performance of your Mac device. Here, we have shared some techniques, directly from the MacBook Repair Dubai professionals, to run your device in the best possible way.

How You Can Maintain your Mac Device

To purchase a Mac device, you have to spend a lot of money. Obviously, you would demand to perceive the best performance. However, if you haven’t properly maintained your device, then you might have to deal with certain specific issues. These are the techniques that will surely help you to maintain your Mac. However, you can also contact the experts of MacBook Repair Dubai and make the best use of their services.

  • Regularly  Backup your Data

Unfortunately, if by chance your Mac device is running through hard drive problems or it crashes, then your crucial data can be at high risks. Hence, you are advised to keep a backup of your data every two weeks. For that, a full-Time machine backup can be the best choice for you. Also, it will probably be the easiest way to keep a copy of the files. 

Apart from this, you can even drag the files and folders and after that, drop them to the external hard drive. Besides, you can also use any online cloud-based service to backup your data.

  • Close all the Background Activities

Do you ever notice how many programs are running in the background while you are working? Applications, such as Bluetooth, Printer, cloud-based services and other apps can reduce the RAM and also shut down your Mac unexpectedly. 

Let’s take an example, you don’t need the printer at the moment, but still, it is running in the background. Also, your Bluetooth is turned on, but you are not using wireless accessories. And most importantly, your internet connection is ON, however, you do not need that immediately.

These activities tend to consume your RAM as well as can slow your device’s performance. Hence, you are advised to go to the upper right corner of the screen and turn off the applications, to free the RAM and enhance the performance of your Mac device.

  • Save your Laptop from Physical Damage

According to professionals, you should save your laptop from physical damage. Hence, see the manufacturer’s instructions and according to it, maintain the room temperature.

Professionals say it clearly that Mac batteries provide the best performance between 50- 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This is essential, otherwise, your Mac battery might deduce timing and as a result, it might crash one day.

Now, if you get to know how you can maintain the room temperature to keep your Mac device effective, you can also consult with the experts of the MacBook Repair Dubai. 

  • Upgrade the Applications

Professionals suggest that after completing every task or after continuously using the Mac device, users must reboot their device. Along with it, you are also advised to upgrade the available application from time to time.

For that, simply open the Apple menu of your device and from there choose the Update Software option. Mac devices have an in-built program that will download the software as well as automatically install it on your device.

You can even go to the Setting section and from there install the updates. Alternatively, move to the Play store and manually upgrade the applications. If you regularly upgrade the programmes, you can protect your Mac device from hackers.

  • Run Anti-Malware Software

Experts proved that, nowadays, malware targeting macOS is growing at a fast rate. Hence, you are advised to download and install some reliable and trustworthy antivirus to protect your device. This software will also help you to scan your device for corrupt files as well as block the future threats. 

  • Run the Disk Utility

All the Mac devices come with Disk Utility features. Disk Utility has two basic functions: first, it can be used for the repairing permissions. And, the second one is used for repairing the Disk Utility itself. 

Now, to run this amazing feature, simultaneously press the Command and R keys in order to boot your device to the Recovery Mode. In the Recovery Mode, you can run the Disk Utility. Basically, we run this feature to fix a set of damaged hard disks and other errors. 

  • Keep your Laptop Clean

Some of the users might think that maintaining the software portion can complete the job. However, professionals state this as an extremely wrong procedure. You have to simultaneously take care of the hardware as well. 

The daily regime must include cleaning the laptop screen, keyboard, keypad and other essential parts of the laptop. Keep in mind, laptop screens are extremely sensitive, and you shouldn’t use any chemical solution like alcohol as it might completely damage the screen.


These are the top 7 tips that you can try to make sure that your laptop runs in the best possible way. However, You can also directly connect with the professionals associated with MacBook Repair Dubai. They can guide you with accurate Mac device maintenance tips and can even help to mitigate potential issues.