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Airpods Only Playing in One Ear? 5 Ways to Fix it

Several causes can lead you to experience the Airpods or headphones playing in one ear. The potential reasons are dirty or clogged AirPods that can block the sound, if the AirPods are not charged enough, etc. 

Sometimes due to the mismatch of stereo balance or if the Airpods are not paired properly, as a result, you might have to deal with the problem. Here, we are about to discuss some top-notches solutions that can help you to overcome the situation.

5 Hacks to Resolve Airpods Issue; Sound from one Earbud 

Thoroughly check the below solutions and apply the DIY fixes to resolve the issue in no time.

Solution 1: Ensure that the AirPods are Charged Enough

This is the basic solution that you should try. If you notice that the power gets below 15% in the AirPods, then put the AirPods back into the case and charge them for a couple of hours. Then, put the AirPods into your ears and check if both the headphones work or not. Unfortunately, if not, then go for the next effective solution.

Solution 2: Clean the AirPods

You need to make sure that your AirPods are not dirty. To ensure that, you have to follow some rules. Like, if you only wish to clean the dust, use a soft, and lint-free cloth. Besides, before placing the AirPods into the charger case, ensure that they are completely dry. 

In order to clean the microphones and speakers, you are advised to use a dry cotton swab. Further, clean the ear tips with soft and dry cloth. Wait till the ear tips are completely dry then reattach the ear tips with AirPods. You are also advised to clean inside the charging case. 

Solution 3: Adjust the Stereo Balance

As said earlier, sometimes, due to the mismatch settings, you might experience this issue. In these circumstances, you are advised to adjust the Stereo balance of your Apple device.

Adjust Stereo Balance on iPhone

At first move to the Settings. Under Settings, scroll down and tap on the Accessibility option. In case, you use an older iOS version, then from Settings move to the General tab. Thereafter, click on the Accessibility option.

Now, within Accessibility, locate and select the Audio/Visual option. Next, you should make sure that the slider is present midway between  L & R. If it is not in the middle, adjust the Slider. On top of the Slider, you will see the Mono Audio option and finally turn it off. 

Adjust Stereo Balance on Mac

If you are using a Mac device, then first, go to the System Preferences. After that, tap on the Sound option. This will open a new page. Here, locate and tap on the Output option.

Under Sound, locate and click on your AirPods name. Make sure that the slider is in midway between R & L. Again, proceed to the System Preferences. Here, select the Accessibility option. Furthermore, click on the Audio option as well as mark the dialogue box beside the Mono Audio option.

Solution 4:  Re-Pair the AirPods

Dealing with the same error? It is highly recommended to re-pair the headphones. To do so, open the Setting app on your iPhone. Within Settings, find and select the Bluetooth option. Tick on the ‘i” icon located beside the AirPods. Select the ‘Forget the Device’ option on the next window.

On your Mac device, proceed to the Settings section. Again, hit on the Bluetooth option. Furthermore, mark the dialogue box beside the ‘x’ icon. Next, hit the Forget Device option.

In addition, you have to put the AirPods inside the charging case and thereafter close the lid, wait for at least 45 seconds. Next, you should press as well as hold the Setup button until the LED light flashes white.

Then, place the headphones close to your device. After that, open the lid and then repair the AirPods with your Mac or iPhone. If the error persists, then here is another alternative.

Solution 5: Reset the Headphones to the Default Setting

To apply this solution, at first, insert the AirPods within the charging case. Press as well as hold the Setup button until you see the status lights flash 3 times and after that flashes white. Re-pair the headphones to your device.


If all the above solutions fail to fix the issue, we recommend you restart your device. In order to restart iPhone 8 or below version, simultaneously press the Home and Power button until you see the Apple logo.

If you are using the iPhone X and above version, you should press the Volume down button for 1 -2 seconds. Then, press the Volume up button for 1 -2 seconds. Next, press the Power button until you see the Apple logo pops-up. Hopefully, after restarting the device, your AirPods will work normally.