Broken Apple Product? How to Cope Amid Coronavirus Pandemic?

With the spread of the coronavirus, Apple decided to close all its retail stores. But, as the coronavirus positive cases have declined in key areas, Apple has since then resumed many stores in specific nations. But, the unconventionality of this virus, particularly in the United States of America, has led to the closing of many reopened stores.

Now, under this pandemic, what to do if your Apple product gets damaged or broken? Don’t worry, here we are going to discuss some techniques that you can apply and try to fix the problem no matter whether your local Apple store is opened or closed.

Tips to Fix your Broken Apple Product 

Here, we have explored some easy and effective tips that you should try in case your Apple product is broken.

1. Talk to an Apple Representative

In case, you are experiencing a problem with your Apple product, however, if you are not sure whether it needs to be physically repaired or not, you must contact (via phone, chat) with an Apple representative. 

For this, at first, you should download and install the Apple Support application. Install it on your phone and follow the steps that appear on the screen. Else, you can navigate to Apple’s Support website in order to start a conversation with them.

2. Contact Apple Authorized Center

Though Apple repairs their products in-store, still it allows some service centers to repair its products. Therefore, if the Apple store is temporarily closed and your product is still under warranty, via Applecare protection, you can visit an Apple-authorized service center.

Before going for a repair, you can quickly check your nearby Apple store. Is it open or close? Now, if open then go to the Apple Retail Store page. After that, choose your country and state. 

Furthermore, tap on the link for the local store and instantly you will see the current status of the status. Then, thoroughly follow the following steps discussed below.

Step 1

In order to set up a repair process, at first, you must log in to the Apple Repair Website. Once you have successfully logged in, scroll down the page. Then, hit the button in order to make a repair request.

If you are an iPhone user, tap on the iPhone icon and then click on the ‘See your products’ link. After that, log in with your Apple account. On the next page, choose the issues that you are having with your device. For example, Battery & Charging, Repairs, and Physical Damage. 

Step 2

After that, choose a more particular issue, like, water damaged or cracked screen. On the next screen, you will see ‘How would you like to get help?’ message. Next, tap on the ‘Find iPhone Repair Prices’ option.

This will lead you to the page where you can see the repair cost of your product. Again, proceed to the previous page and select the ‘Schedule a Repair’ option. Afterwards, type your product’s identification or serial number.

Step 3

On the next screen, you have to ensure that your ‘current location’ is selected. Alternatively, you can enter your zip code. Then, choose your carrier and hit the Continue option. 

It will lead to a new screen. Here, you will see all your nearby authorized repair centers. From there, choose the repair center that you want to use. Also, if an on-site repair option is available, you can choose it. 

Next, select a date and time in order to schedule your repair. After that, your repair schedule will be confirmed.

3. Third-Party Repair Option

Another important choice isThird-party service. For that, at first, you have to open the Phone Repair page on your browser. Then, through proper research learn more about the service. 

If you find that a Staples store is available near your location, then without scheduling an appointment, you can bring your Apple product for repair. However, first, you should call the store and make sure that they are well-equipped to perform the repairing task.

4. Send it for Repair Service

In case, you don’t want to bring your Apple product to the Apple Store or third-party repair center, you can directly mail Apple for repair. 

If you are scheduling a repair, on the screen, you will see the ‘Send in for repair’ option. It asks how you would like to get help from them. Click on the desired option. Else, you can call the Apple Support and inform them about your preference repair option.

Lastly, Fix it on Your Own…

In case, your Apple product is out of warranty and you believe that you can repair it on your own, you can always purchase a repair kit. Lots of kits are available on the market that includes everything that you need. So, order a repair kit and fix your broken Apple product on your own.