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Have you Accidentally Dropped Your MacBook? Save it from Being Non-Functional

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all staying at our homes. Also, employees continue their work from home as most of the offices are closed. In this condition, you might understand the importance of keeping laptops, and smartphones well-maintained. With these electronic devices, not only we can accomplish our daily task, but also stay in touch with the outside world and our friends, as well as family members.

Now, what happens if accidentally your MacBook is broken? To get an instant solution, consult with the experts of the MacBook Repair Dubai. Apart from this, to sort out your problem, here the experts have provided some easy techniques that will surely help you to overcome the situation.

Way to Deal with your broken MacBook

Because of the lockdown and the huge effect of coronavirus, Apple has decided to close most of its stores outside of China. Also, only a few Apple Authorized Service Centers open. In these circumstances, experts of the MacBook Repair Dubai provide you with some quick tips. 

So, you can reuse your MacBook without any interruption. Let’s see these recommendations one after another.

  • Try to Communicate with an Apple Representative

In case, you experience lots of issues with your MacBook but aren’t sure whether it needs to be replaced or not, then the experts suggest you to first try to talk with an Apple representative. In order to contact the Apple representative, at first, you must download and install the Apple Support application on your MacBook. In addition, follow the given instructions and talk to them. Else, head to the Apple Support’s website from another device and then start the conversation.

  • Rely upon Apple Authorized Service Center

As we said earlier, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, currently only a few Apple authorized service centers are open. Hence, before going to your nearby authorized service center, you must do a little bit of research, including the given steps. Also, through the Applecare+ protection, check if your device is still under warranty or not. 

Head to the Apple Retail Store Page

In the beginning, you must open the Apple Retail Store website from another device. The next task that you have to perform is to choose your country and state. In addition, to know more about your local store, tap on the link that you will see there. Within a couple of seconds, you will see the current status of your nearby Apple authorized service center.

Log in to the Apple Repair Website

Now, in order to book repair service, you must log in to the Apple Repair website. Scroll below the page and tap on the button in order to book a repair request. You might also have to log in with your Apple account, and then hit the “See your products” option.

Furthermore, describe the issue in detail- for example, problems with Battery & Charging or Physical Damaged. Thereafter, you should choose a more specific issue like water damage, cracked screen or so on.

Select the Helping Procedure

Tap on the ‘How would you like to get help?’ link and within a couple of seconds you will see the repairing prices of various MacBook models. Move back to the previous page and click on the ‘Schedule a Repair’ option. You might also have to enter the serial number of your MacBook.

Type the Zip Code

Ensure that you have correctly selected your current location. Alternatively, you can just enter the zip code. Tap on your carrier followed by Continue. On the next screen, you will see all your nearby authorized repair centers. Remember that, some centers offer online repair services. Hence, choose the repairing option that you prefer. Finally, select a date and time and after that, your booking process will be complete.

  • Reset the System Management Controller

According to the experts of the MacBook Repair Dubai, if you are not sure whether the MacBook needs to be physically replaced, then try to reset the SMC. As this really works for many Macbook users.

Now, if you are using a desktop system, then at first, you must turn off the system and remove the power cable from the power source. Relax and wait for at least 20 minutes. Plugin the power cord. Again wait for 1 minute before turning on your device.

In case, you are using a new MacBook laptop that comes with non-removable batteries, then, first, you must press & hold the Control, Shift and Options buttons and thereafter you must press the Power button. Keep holding these buttons for a couple of seconds and before starting the MacBook normally. Then, release them all.

On the other hand, if you use an older MacBook system, then first, you must power off your Macbook and after that remove the power cable from the power supply. Take out the battery. In addition, you must press and hold down the Power button for 10 to 15 seconds. Insert the battery and again turn on your MacBook.

  • Reset the NVRAM/ PRAM

If you are not sure about the physical replacing of your device, our professionals advise you to reset the NVRAM. In order to reset the NVRAM/ PRAM, simultaneously press & hold down the R, P, Command and Options buttons. When you hear a sound, release these buttons.  Remember that, if you have already set a firmware password, then first disable it.

However, if nothing happens, you have to disconnect all the USB devices. Apart from this, in case, you use a MacBook with a wireless keyboard, then buy a wired keyboard and connect it with your MacBook. 


You can also purchase any MacBook repairing kit and try to fix the problem at your home. However, before that, we strongly recommend you to see the tutorial videos and understand the process in detail. However, if still, nothing happens and you have to immediately get back your MacBook, then we suggest you switch to MacBook Repair Dubai and book a repairing or replacing service.