MacBook Repair

MacBook Repair Dubai for Commonly Occurring MacBook Issues

It needs no description of how reliable MacBooks are based on their user interaction. But, it doesn’t mean that MacBooks are free from glitches. Computers can encounter issues at any time and some might require professional repair services. 

A recognized repair service enhances the longevity, performance and durability of your Mac device. But, when it comes to Mac repair service the main problem can be the availability of genuine Mac spare parts for repair and replacement.

But, you can avail authorized Mac services from MacBook Repair Dubai without worrying about the expertise of technicians and repair parts. Here, we have mentioned a few common MacBook issues that might need professional help at the end of the day. Let’s check them in detail.

Struggling with the OS Boot

Whenever you start your MacBook, it needs to boot up with the installed operating system. If you are currently staring at a grey screen of your Mac device then there is something wrong with the startup process. What you can do is initiate the Safe mode in macOS. The Safe mode minimizes the requirements of resources among different components of the device. So, applications and operating systems can start cooperating easily.

You need to press and hold the shift key at the time of booting. Once the Apple emblem appears on the display screen remove your fingers from the keys. Wait patiently as this process is going to take a few minutes or more. If this doesn’t solve your issue then better avail MacBook repair Dubai services.

Accidentally Deleted Files or Folders

Basically, this issue can happen with anyone irrespective of any brand and variants. If a user selects a file and folder and mistakenly presses the Delete button then the file disappears. However, the documents and files are secure until you empty the Trash. So, go and search the Trash on your MacBook. If you can’t find it then probably you had emptied the Trash days too. 

Consequently, it requires a data recovery service. Well, you shouldn’t install new applications as it can lead to permanent deletion of the files. Instead, you can opt for data recovery software to extract the files. Another in-built option for macOS is its Time Machine feature. However, if nothing can bring back your data then avail MacBook repair Dubai to retrieve deleted or lost data.

Battery Issues

Is the MacBook draining power faster than ever before? Then, how about resetting SMC? But, keep in mind that while resetting, the read or write operations can get interrupted. And, this can result in temporary or permanent data loss. By the way, here’s how you can reset SMC.

  1. Shut the MacBook down. 
  2. Tap the Power button and hold these three buttons at once. They are Shift, Option and Control.
  3. Release the keys.

Most probably, your Mac has revived after a restart. Check if the battery behaves similarly before the reset. If it does, then avail battery repair and replacement service from MacBook repair Dubai.

Applications Freezing

Isn’t the running application on your MacBook responding? Well, wait for a while before you go for a forced shutdown of the application. However, the scenario can be caused due to the incompatibility of the application with RAM or storage space available in the device. Whatever the reason be, if it doesn’t start responding, you can try to force shut.

Just press and hold Alt, CMD and ESC buttons. This activity will make the Force Quit window appear on the screen. Choose the Force Quit option and the application will be off. To find out if the application is really incompatible or it’s a temporary fault, you can relaunch it later. If the Mac device enters the frozen state again, then a Mac expert can help you.

No Internet

It’s meaningless to operate a computer without an internet connection. Well, incompatibility to join any network can take place sometimes. But, if you are experiencing consistent network issues or no internet connection problems for a long time, then it’s really concerning. For instance, you can apply the quickest trick to resolve the issue and that is reconnecting to the network after clicking on the Forget Network.

Go to the Network window through System Preferences. Next, opt for the Advanced option and there you can notice all the preferred network connections. Remove them and try to join them from the very beginning. If this doesn’t work, then you can avail Mac professional for MacBook repair Dubai services.

Stumbling Performance of macOS

Yes, it can really annoy anyone. If your Mac device is not accustomed to the currently updated macOS, then it can freeze every now and then. For a quick fix, you can try reinstalling the macOS and you have to follow the guidelines below:

  1. Reboot the Mac device while pressing R and CMD keys.
  2. Release the keys as soon as you can observe the Apple emblem.
  3. Look for Disk Utility under the Utility window. Click continue.
  4. After that, opt for Startup Volume followed by Unmount.
  5. Once the process completes, select Erase.
  6. Now, you need to exit that window and start reinstalling macOS.

Well, before you start off the process, keep the backed up data ready, in case you lose anything during the process.

Ask for Professional Help

Don’t struggle with software and hardware difficulties of your Mac device. Use dedicated tips for solving minor problems. For the major ones, it’s better to call in professionals specialized in Mac technologies. Avail MacBook repair Dubai services for the best results.