MacBook Air M1 Review: Comparatively Faster, Easy-to-Access and Ultra-Portable

Apple MacBook Air 2020

Undeniably, Apple is considered to be one of the most preferable and renowned brands, when it comes to owning a high-end laptop. They are one of the largest laptop manufacturing companies who have produced outstanding products with expandable battery life and remarkable performance. Among them, MacBook Air M1 is one of the recently-launched Apple products that has already started to acquire worldwide recognition.

On November 17, 2020, this incredible Mac device became available for the gadget-freaks. MacBook Air M1 comes with an eye-catching style and body design which made it more perceptible for worldwide users. Accessing and managing the day-to-day essential MacBook-related functionalities can be performed with ease and at a high-speed. Are you planning to buy this super-classy MacBook? Here are the essential features and facts that you should know before making the purchase. 

Detailed Information about MacBook Air M1 2020

Want to surf the internet to get instant information? Get a prompt search result in less than a second without any interruption. Want to engage in playing your favourite online battle games? Compete with your friends with this ultra-portable device with absolutely no fan noise. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about battery life expectancy. MacBook Air M1 2020 can run for a prolonged time without the need for powering the device frequently. 

Does it Have an Ultra-Advanced M1 system-on-a-chip? 

In a nutshell, it can be exemplified that, using this brand-new MacBook Air is like unlocking the possibility of the advanced technological world. And, in this aspect, it is important to include Apple’s latest M1 system-on-a-chip for Mac devices. With its implementation, now you don’t have to worry about including a separate CPU and GPU. Because, on the one hand, this M1 chip contains one process to efficiently tackle the essential computations. 

This extensively includes super-fast intent browsing, pre-installed Mac applications accessibility, and much more. On the other hand, there is the presence of another processor that is meant for handling the graphics-related computations and helps in establishing a connection between a monitor or MacBook screen. It simply showcases that the computers can be even built without the existence of an inside Intel processor.

How About a Decent Gaming Experience? 

Do you want to replace the existing gaming laptop with a new one? Consider buying MacBook Air M1 to enhance the gaming experience with the 8 GPU cores. Apple has so far opted for offering uptempo 7 GPU cores. But, in MacBook Air M1, you get the privilege to discover new innovations. And, according to an analysis, it was noted that the GPU performance of this latest Mac device is way better than Intel’s integrated graphics. 

Now, you can play popular video games such as The Pathless with ease at 60 FPS. Do you have an interest in playing Fortnite? You can even play that without any technical glitch or gaming lags at 60 FPS and at 1,400-900 pixels using MacBook Air M1 2020. In the Intel-operated graphics, this was not a feasible option, because it runs the game at around 40 Fps and provides unstable gaming performance. Moreover, you can even download multiple games, as Mac Air M1 consists of 512 GB storage capacity and 16GB RAM. 

No Cooling Fan in MacBook Air M1? 

Yes! You clearly read that! MacBook Air M1 2020 delivers outstanding performance without containing a heat-resistant cooling fan. Because most laptops own a fan that helps to control the overall device temperature. And, these laptop fans are not only useful in preventing the severe damages of internal components, but also helps in extending longevity. 

But, this slick design and fanless MacBook Air is not only powerful but also function efficiently. And, do you know that it can last more than 17 hours than the other battery-operated devices? Well, you would be glad to know that it does.

Running apps and Surfing the Internet was Never this easy!

With the assistance of its M1 chip, now you can open and access multiple iPhones and iPad apps simultaneously. And, the best part is that it won’t degrade the device performance for opening a large number of applications and Internet-generated applications. 

Don’t miss out on the important notifications of the social media platforms. Open Facebook, Instagram on the one side, and Emails on the other with ease. And, for additional guidance, MacBook Repair Dubai is there to assist you. 

Now, you can easily transfer the information from one application to another at an incredibly fast speed. Your preferable websites in the chosen web browsers will even open directly without any loading issues. Simply, scroll through the web pages without any hassle with MacBook Air M1.

Resolve the MacBook Air M1 Problems

Are you encountering any technical problems while using this device? Simply, consider availing professional support from the technicians of MacBook Repair Dubai. They are one of the top-leading service providers, who have earned a massive reputation for rendering high-end tech-solutions. So, avail their premium assistance now!