MacBook Water Damage – Ultimate Guide

MacBook Water Damage: When your new MacBook arrives, you handle it very carefully to maintain its shine and performance. As days pass, you start carrying your MacBook here and there, one of the most productive tools. 


Gradually, you might not resist your desire to binge-watch your favorite TV show or movie on your Mac. It becomes more engaging when you enjoy the situation with some delicious cuisine with your favorite drink.


On the other hand, it can be those late-working nights where a sip of hot cocoa is a must.


However, a carelessness can spill your drink all over the MacBook. Be it coffee, tea, water, or any other beverages, and the consequences are the same as the MacBook water damage.


MacBooks are built as neither water-proof nor water-resistant gadgets. Even water can harm MacBooks, so you can’t reverse if you don’t go for a quick MacBook Air water damage repair.


Conclusion: there are enough reasons why countless engineers and technicians are involved in recovering MacBooks from severe liquid damage.


How to Proceed with a MacBook Water Damage Repair?


If you have to struggle with a spilled water MacBook Pro, you should go through this guide. Experienced technicians have shared what you should do to revert major harm to your water-damaged MacBook.


Reduce the chances of crucial water damage and get life back to your MacBook. Here’s what you need to follow in the given chronology:


Stop the Spillage


As soon as you realize that you have spilled water or other liquid on your MacBook, stop the liquid from spilling. The more the drink spills, the more chances your MacBook gets to accelerate internal damage or corrosion.


Additionally, your MacBook might be connected to its power adapter. If the quantity of liquid crosses the limit and comes in touch with the electricity, it can cause a fire.


Hence, it would be best to stop the liquid from further spilling. In addition, you should not touch your laptop with wet hands. Interaction between your MacBook and wet hands can result in an electric shock.


Turn off the Water Damaged MacBook


The next thing you should do is power off your spilled water MacBook Pro. This should be a crucial step, whether it’s a MacBook Pro or Air water damage. Remember that you can’t use the trackpad or the keyboard to turn off your MacBook.


The more time you take to accomplish such manual steps, the more damage it can cause to the device because there is water on the MacBook screen, keyboard, motherboard, etc.


Instead, you can long press the power button for 5 seconds. Be very careful while turning off the power button. Additional presses on the power button can wake up your gadget again. And, this won’t be any good.


Another thing that you have to keep in mind is the device’s health. A sudden power down might erase all your ongoing work, such as unsaved documents. If you don’t want to lose any data on your MacBook, then turn it off immediately. Otherwise, a massive data loss awaits you.


Emergency Situation


MacBook users have complained that MacBook water damage can prevent such a forceful shutdown. If you can’t turn the device off, it indicates that the keyboard fails to send the shutdown command to the logic board.


There’s still hope with the MacBook screen water damage fix. Use tissues to absorb water or other liquids from the surface of your MacBook. Focus on the screen, keyboard, and touchpad of your machine. Then, close the lid, and it will enable the sleep sensor of the device. The logic board will then allow the device to enter sleep mode.


It would help if you did not open the lid for a while. And the system will enter a deep sleep mode. Your RAM, MacBook screen, SSD drive, and other peripherals are safe here. Now, you need to proceed with the following steps.


Detach the Power Adapter


The next critical step is to unplug the charger from the MacBook. You might be thinking of how unplugging the charger will help in resisting the spilled water MacBook Pro damage. Well, if you don’t remove the charger, it can lead to damaging the charging circuit.


Hence, you have to handle your spilled water MacBook Pro or Air by unplugging the charger. If you are using a MagSafe charger, it will automatically disable charging your MacBook as soon as it senses a power surge.


Additionally, don’t forget to detach accessories from the MacBook. If your Mac comes with a removable battery, then remove it. Moreover, there are holes below the MacBook sc reen, and water can seep through it. Consequently, the liquid can damage the entire circuit and logic board. Hence, try to prevent the liquid from reaching those holes or vents.


Soak Liquid for MacBook Water Damage Repair


Carefully bring your device to a dry and safe place. Water on the MacBook screen can be deadly. Therefore, you have to absorb as much liquid as possible from the Mac. Use a clean paper towel, microfiber cloth, or a piece of cotton fabric to wipe Mac’s screen, keyboard, and touchpad.


It’s always better to soak excess water or liquid from the device. Otherwise, the water can spread over the device and seep through the keyboard and vents. You might use a cotton swab to soak water from the corners that are hard to reach.


However, pay a little more attention while wiping the keyboard. Touch or press the power button will turn on the Mac device. If you accidentally turn on your Mac again, hold the power button to switch it off.


Flip the Mac Device in a Tent Position for Non-Retina Displays


The schedule is to drain out most of the water from your MacBook. You have to try this MacBook screen water damage fix step. But, we recommend this position for MacBook Pros that come with non-retina displays.


MacBook screens with non-retina displays are watertight, and you can flip them in a tent posture. Thus, water or liquid won’t enter the inner interface of the device when you flip it. Apple discarded the protective glass or aluminum frame in front of the display for retina versions of MacBooks. If you position your retina-display MacBook like a tent, water in the MacBook screen will reside. And, you would indulge in the MacBook water damage.


The damage to the screen or display might not be immediately visible. However, the water can seep into the optical film inside the screen.


So, what should you do for a retina-display MacBook? It would help if you kept the MacBook lid open at a 90-degree angle.


After that, you have to place the Mac screen on a benchtop or countertop. The screen should face or touch the countertop, whereas the keyboard component should hang from the counter. The liquid won’t accumulate in the screen section, and the MacBook screen water damage fix will be a success.


You can keep a paper towel beneath the MacBook screen for additional safety. Again, don’t try this solution if you own a MacBook Pro 2016 or Air 2018, as opening the lid will turn them on.


Wait for at Least 48 Hours


We know that you are getting impatient to know whether you have accomplished a MacBook water damage repair or not. But, trust us, you need to wait for a minimum of 48 hours before you attempt turning it on. This period is required for the complete drying out of the MacBook.


There’s no way through which you can check the extent of MacBook Air water damage. Additionally, you can’t get which components have been harmed or how much time they would require to dry out. That’s why professionals suggest waiting for a reasonable time before you try experimenting with your device.


The time can be different for different MacBook models and the extent of the damage. The longer you can wait, the better your chances of getting your MacBook back. Make sure that you air dry your device. You can place the spilled water MacBook Pro or MacBook Air near a fan for better results.


It’s Time to Test the DIY MacBook Water Damage Fix


The remaining water in the MacBook screen poses a threat to the mechanical and technical use of the device. You should ensure that you have dried the MacBook to its greatest possible scope. After that, you need to come across the moment of truth.


Attempt to switch your MacBook on, and if it turns up, it’s a good sign. Afterward, you need to test the functionality of the keyboard and trackpad. After a MacBook Air water damage repair, every key and click should be functional. Additionally, the screen should be operating fine once you are done with the MacBook screen water damage fix.


Furthermore, you have to check if all the basic features are working properly. Don’t skip on checking the Bluetooth and internet connection. If you find your MacBook working fine, you can hope it’s the least damaged. If it was not water that you spilled, you need to clean your MacBook well.


What if Your MacBook Doesn’t Turn on?


You might stretch the waiting period to another 48 hours. After that, it’s not worth waiting any longer. Contact your nearby MacBook water damage repair service experts. On the other hand, you can give AppleCare+ a try. AppleCare+ can provide you with a reasonable MacBook Air water damage repair.


However, it comes with specific terms and conditions. For example, you have to pay for the MacBook screen water damage fix. Additionally, it might take a little longer as Apple will check your eligibility for the service.


What Shouldn’t You do in the case of a MacBook Water Damage?


The steps mentioned above are extremely required to minimize the MacBook water damage extent. Apart from this, you have to take care of a few things that you shouldn’t do while trying to recover from the ‘water in MacBook screen’ scenario.


Take a look at things you should avoid in case of a MacBook Air water damage repair:


● It would be best if you did not shake your MacBook while trying to rescue it from liquid damage. Shaking your MacBook will only worsen the situation, and liquid will spread across your device. Your MacBook might end up with more corrosion and damage.

● Hair-dryer is only suitable for your hair and also with a heat-protectant spray. Don’t use a hair-dryer for spilled water MacBook Pro. A hairdryer can speed up the overall drying process. But, in reality, it won’t help. Additionally, uncontrolled use of a hair-dryer will damage the sensitive counterparts of the MacBook.

● We have previously mentioned that you should not turn the MacBook on unless you feel the dryness level is satisfactory. Resist the temptation to check if everything’s OK at any cost. Powering it on will let the electricity flow through the circuit, and it would damage the device further.

● Drying up a smartphone with a bag of rice might work. But don’t try the same rice hack for your water in the MacBook screen instance. Rice cannot soak water from the inner components of your MacBook.


How to take care of Spilling shortly?


We are sure that the MacBook screen water damage fixes experience was a lesson for you. It’s better to keep your food and beverages safe from your device. Be it MacBook or any other laptop, grow a healthy habit of restricting food away from your machine.


Put a cover on your coffee or similar drinks when you can’t avoid a drink-to-go. Thus, your Mac won’t get damaged even if you accidentally spill the drink. Otherwise, you can use protective gear for your MacBook.


For example, you can rely upon silicon covers for ports, keyboard covers, and screen guards. We think screen guard components are a big yes for MacBook screen water damage fix. Therefore, you can avoid major MacBook water damage and an expensive repair.

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